Office Area Rug Cleaning & Repair

Commercial Area Rug Cleaning Services

With decades of experience cleaning Toronto commercial spaces, Cleanol is a trusted choice for your office runner and area rug cleaning needs. We treat runners and area rugs with care and ensure that our fast and reliable service is suited to your office cleaning needs. Often times, in winter salt and dirt are tracked throughout the entrance ways of buildings leaving unsightly salt stains on carpet runners and rugs. At Cleanol we remove and clean these off-site to provide a deep cleaning that removes particles of salt and dirt from the carpet, leaving it clean and ready for business!

Our commercial rug and runner cleaning includes:

  • Roll-up and pick-up of area rugs and runners
  • Deep washing of runners and rugs
  • Special care with delicate fabrics
  • A dedicated Cleanol commercial representative
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Deodorizing and sanitizing of rugs and runners
  • Guarding of rugs and runners
  • Re-lay of office rugs and runners
  • Convenient pick-up times to suit your office hours

Why Choose Cleanol

  • Toronto’s largest and most trusted cleaning and restoration company.
  • Rugs are individually hand cleaned after determining the method best suited to the rugs’ weave, fibre and dyes.